电影《贴身女保镖》讲诉的是主人公宋彦祖从懵懂无知的大龄男青年逐步成长为坚毅、稳重、有担当的男人的故1、命好不如习惯好。养成好习惯,一辈子受用不尽。  Life is better than good habits. A good habit, a lifetime ever.  2、相信什么都是会过去的,你何必在当下耗费掉无必要的喜悦和悲怆?  I believe what is past, why do you spend unnecessary joy and sorrow in the moment?  3、每一天都是一个开始。深呼吸,从头再来。  Every day is a beginning. Take a deep breath and start again.  4、心小了,所以小事就变大了;心变大了,所有的大事都变小了。  The heart is small, so the little things become big; the heart becomes bigger, all the big things have become smaller.  
5、人在难时给一口,胜似富时给一斗。  People in difficult to export, is rich to a bucket.  6、当一个人知道自己想要什么时,整个世界将为之让路。  When a person knows what he wants, the whole world will make way for it.  7、人的一生总会面临很多难以抉择的单选题,得与失是并存的。  The life of people always face many difficult choices RadioButtonList, gain and loss coexist.  8、改变,从现在开始;成功,由今天起步。  Change, from now on, success, starting today.  9、暗自伤心,不如立即行动。  Secretly sad, not as immediate action.  
10、人生的一切变化,一切魅力。一切美都是由光明和阴影构成的。  All the changes in life, all the charm. All the beauties are made of light and shadow.  11、战胜自己,终有一天,你会扇动着梦想的翅膀,飞翔在蔚蓝的天空!  To conquer yourself, one day you will flapping the wings of dreams, flying in the blue sky!  12、善待自己,不被别人左右,也不去左右别人,自信优雅。  Be kind to yourself, don't be left or right, don't go to other people, you are confident and elegant.  13、我们都有兽性的一面,作为人类,我们的责任是成为驯兽师那样的人。  We all have the animal side, as human beings, our responsibility is to become a trainer that person.  14、如果我们想要更多的玫瑰花,就必须种植更多的玫瑰树。  If we want more roses, we must plant more trees.  
5、凡事皆有终结,因此,耐心是赢得成功的一种手段。  There is an end to everything, and patience is a measure of success.  16、一个胜利者不会放弃,而一个放弃者永远不会胜利。  A winner will not give up, and a give up will never win.  17、再困难,氧气总是够吸的吧!  Again difficult, oxygen is always enough to suck it!  18、命运,你残忍的诉说着我的悲痛。  Fate, you are cruel to tell my grief.  19、寒冷到了极致时,太阳就要光临。  When the cold to the extreme, the sun will come.  
20、会当凌绝顶,一览众山小。  You would be extremely Ling, list of small hills.  21、穿透石头的水滴,它的力量来源于日积月累。  Through the stone water, its power comes from days and months multiplying.  22、人若有志,万事可为。  If a man has a will, all things can be.  23、松软的沙滩上最容易留下脚印,但也最容易被潮水抹去。  Soft beach on the most easy to leave footprints, but also most likely to be wiped out by the tide.  24、人永远在追求快乐,永远在逃避痛苦。  People are always in the pursuit of happiness, always in the escape of pain.  
5、不是境况造就人,而是人造就境况。  It's not the circumstances that make man, but man made.  26、一蹶不振的弱者只能品尝失败的苦果,只有不屈的奋斗才会赢来胜利的曙光。  Unable to get up after a fall of the weak can only taste the bitterness of failure, only unyielding struggle to win victory.  27、你要做的就是让成功的速度大于父母老去的速度。  You have to do is to make the speed of success is greater than the speed of old parents to go.  28、克服困难,勇敢者自有千方百计,怯懦者只感到万般无奈。  Brave to overcome difficulties and do everything possible to own cowardice, only felt helpless.  29、笛里谁知壮士心,沙头空照征人骨。  Who knows the warrior heart flute in the air as a bone, Sha tau.  
30、立志欲坚不欲锐,成功在久不在速。  Determined to want to be strong, success in a long time is not in speed.  31、只要是辛勤的蜜蜂,在生活的广阔原野里,到处都可以找到蜜源。  As long as hard bees, in fields of life, can be found everywhere nectar.  32、做强者,战自卑;攀高峰,胜逆境;增才干,永学习;报效祖国为人民。  Be strong, and climb the peak, overcome inferiority; stress; increase competence and permanent learning; to serve the motherland for the people.  33、发泄可以舒缓情绪,但是不可以用伤害自己和他人的方式。  Venting can relieve your emotions, but not by hurting yourself or others.  34、恐惧自己受苦的人,已经因为自己的恐惧在受苦。  Fear of their own suffering, has suffered because of their own fear.  
5、要留下人生足迹,就必须一步一个脚印;要少走人生弯路,就必须三思而行。  To leave the life, we must step by step; to take life detours, you must think twice.  36、九十九次的理论不如一次的行动来得实际。  Ninety-nine times the theory is not as much as one action.  37、没有人事先了解自己到底有多大的力量,直到他试过以后才知道。  No personnel to understand their own in the end how much power, until he tried to know later.  38、生活是一件平常的事情,哪有那么多传奇。  Life is a normal thing, there are so many legends.  39、美丽的蓝图,落在懒汉手里,也不过是一页废纸。  The beautiful blueprint, falls on the idle hands, but is also a page of paper.  
40、告诉你一个宝藏的地点,它就在你的生命里。  Tell you the location of a treasure, and it is in your life.  41、早晚有一天你的名字会出现在我家的户口本上。  Sooner or later, your name will appear in my family's account.  42、不为失败找借口,只为成功找方法。  Not to find an excuse for failure, only to find a way to success.  43、让刻苦成为习惯,用汗水浇灌未来。  So hard to become a habit, with sweat to water the future.  44、成功就是把复杂的问题简单化,然后狠狠去做。  Success is to simplify complex issues, and then hard to do.  
5、沙漠里的脚印很快就消逝了。一支支奋进歌却在跋涉者的心中长久激荡。  Footprints in the desert will soon fade away. A song is in the long journey of the trek in the hearts of the people.  
46、人生之路多坎坷,摔个跟头别难过,爬起来,掸掸土,前方就是一片乐土。  The road of life is rough, don't throw a somersault sad, climb up, dust yourself off, the front is a piece of paradise.  
47、把艰辛的劳作看作是生命的必然,即使没有收获的希望也心平气和的继续。  As the hard work of life is inevitable, even if there is no harvest of hope in a calm mood to continue.  
48、当世界给草籽重压时,它总会用自己的方法破土而出。  When the world to seed weight, it will use a way.  
49、任何一件事情,只要心甘情愿,总是能够变得简单。  Any one thing, as long as willing, always can become simple.  
50、穷则思变,既要变,又要实干。  Qiongzesibian, not only need to change, but also hard work.  
51、没有摔过跤的人,不知道摔跤的痛;没有流过泪的人,不知道眼睛的清澈。  No wrestle people do not know the pain without tears wrestling; people who don't know clear eyes.  
52、能坚持别人不能坚持的才能拥有别人不能拥有的。  Can insist that others can not insist on the ability to have others can not have.  
53、溪流的秀美是因为它脚下的路坎坷不平。  The stream is beautiful because it is at the foot of the road is bumpy.  
54、与其相信依靠别人,不如相信依靠自己。  It is better to trust in yourself than to trust in others.  
5、直如朱丝绳,清如玉壶冰。  Straight as Zhu Sisheng, as pure as jade ice.  
56、流过泪的眼睛更明亮,滴过血的心灵更坚强!  The tears that flow through the eyes are brighter and the heart is stronger!  
57、并非神仙才能烧陶器,有志的人总可以学得精手艺。  It is not the gods that can burn the pottery, there will always be a man who can learn the craft of fine workmanship.  
58、没有等出来的辉煌;只有走出来的美丽。  Did not wait for the glory; only come out of the beautiful.  
59、只有千锤百炼,才能成为好钢。  Only to be thoroughly tempered, good steel.  
60、没有人富有得可以不要别人的帮助,也没有人穷得不能在某方面给他人帮助。  No one is rich enough to be able to help others, and no one is too poor to give them a hand.  
61、你必须成功,因为你不能失败。  You must succeed, because you can't fail.  
62、真正的强者,不是流泪的人,而是含泪奔跑的人。  The real strong, not tears, but tears running people.  
63、有梦就去追,没有梦想的人,灵魂是空虚的。  Have a dream to chase, no dream of the people, the soul is empty.  
64、当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞;当你有梦的时候就不要放弃梦。  When you can fly, do not give up flying; when you have a dream, do not give up the dream.  
5、青,取之于蓝而青于蓝;冰,水为之而寒于水。  The green, blue and green in blue; ice, water for cold water.  

66、若不给自己设限,则人生中就没有限制你发挥的藩篱。  If not to their limits, there is no restriction on the life of the fence you play.  
67、没有比人更高的山,没有比心更宽的海,人是世界的主宰。  There is no higher than the people of the mountains, there is no wider than the heart of the sea, people are the masters of the world.  
68、光说不干,事事落空;又说又干,马到成功。  The light did not say, everything fails; then, a.  
69、不被重重的击倒又怎么能华丽的站起。  Don't be heavily down how gorgeous rose.  
70、实现自己既定的目标,必须能耐得住寂寞单干。  To achieve their goals, must be able to stand alone and lonely.  
71、人得自知,既然没种去死,那就找点乐子活下去。  People have to know, since not to die, it is fun to live.  
72、当你跌到谷底时,那正表示,你只能往上,不能往下!  When you fall to the bottom of the valley, that is, you can only go up, not down!  
73、书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。  There is no royal road to There is no end for learning. suffering for the boat.  
74、机遇永远是准备好的人得到的。  The opportunity is always ready for people to get.  
5、眉毛上的汗水和眉毛下的泪水,你必须选择一样!  The brow of sweat and tears under the eyebrows, you have to choose the same!  
76、每一个成功者都有一个开始。勇于开始,才能找到成功。  Every successful person has a beginning. The courage to start, to find success.  
77、因害怕失败而不敢放手一搏,永远不会成功。  Because of the fear of defeat, will never succeed.  
78、当你不再急于否认错误时,你就学到了重要的一课。  You learn an important lesson when you are no longer in the rush to deny it.  
79、贫穷是不需要计划的,致富才需要一个周密的计划,并去实践它。  Poverty is not a plan, it requires a thorough plan to get rich, and to practice it.  

80、天才就是无止境刻苦勤奋的能力。  Genius is the ability to work hard and hard.。影片中,宅男宋彦祖在机缘巧合下遇见了复活过来的人偶——美少女米娅,米娅认为阿宅是自己的主公,对其言听计从,并对阿宅暗生情愫。而阿宅却始终爱慕公司同事冰冰,在冰冰的窘境中屡次献殷勤终获芳心,这时冰冰发现米娅的存在十分气愤认为阿宅脚踏两条船欺骗感情。阿宅当着两女面前,讽刺米娅并让其离开自己的生活。  电影《贴身女保镖》是由福建全景视觉数码科技股份有限公司、北京奇树有鱼文化传媒有限公司、北京艾克斯平方文化传媒有限公司联合出品,北京溢彩影视文化传媒有限公司独家发行。制片人崔嵬、符頔、徐飞;监制刘慧、徐亮;徐飞执导;编剧叶青、陈永胜;孔庆冰、段昕念、于泽文、裴子添联袂出演。

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